Integrated Corridor Management Systems (ICM)

The US congestion bill is expected to exceed $200 billion in 2020. It is the bill paid by disappointed people and business that rely upon the transportation corridors.

Integrated Corridor Management (ICM) is organizational and technological measure envisioned by US DoT and FHWA to meet the transportation needs of those people and business, and fight today’s problem of ineffective coordination between transportation agencies.

Telegra is the first ITS company that has recognized this vision and provides already available ICM Software System for complete set of ICM measures, that can be implemented over existing traffic control centers, and existing legacy systems.

The System supports corridor managers and stakeholders in corridor management process. It is a platform for institutional, operational and physical integration between corridor stakeholders, their technology assets and operational corridor management strategies. The system consists of topXviewTM Integrated Corridor Management Software Platform and customizable set of hardware.

  • Operates in multi-jurisdictional environment of different transportation agencies (counties, districts, cities)
  • Full physical, operational and institutional integration
  • Decision Support System (DSS) Software
  • Standard plug-in interfaces for existing ATMS, Traffic Signal Systems (TSS) and other legacy systems
  • Data collection and validation
  • Integrated incident and event detection
  • Embedded management strategies with real-time simulation and prediction
  • Ergonomic traffic network visualization
  • Intelligent strategy impact evaluation and strategy execution
  • Information dissemination and dispatch
  • Native support for Connected Vehicles (CV) program (patent pending technology)
  • Active Traffic Management (ATM)
  • All-in-one – software developer, system integrator and supplier – one company

The ICM concept is operationalized through Integrated Corridor Management Software System (ICMSS). The main part of ICMSS is Decision Support System (DSS) that assists traffic managers in choosing right strategies, simulates their outcome in real-time and transfers operating commands to different sub-systems on the corridor, handled by different agencies.

topXviewTM based ICM Software System is deployable on all existing or new corridors with minimum interference with existing traffic management systems.


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