TollWay™ tolling system software is based on architecture independent development environment which provides required flexibility in choice of hardware and operating system. This opens up the possibility to use TollWay™ tolling system software in the existing projects without additional cost. The central and plaza software modules are composed of a web-based application which provides additional flexibility in system operation.

END USER WEB PORTAL – provides convenient access for the end-users to the different levels of stored information within toll collection system. Web-based application provides the overview of the account status, personal information, usage history, adding funds to the account using credit cards / mobile phones / vouchers, buying new products, account status notification, etc. Web portal is accessible to end-users anytime and from anywhere.

CENTER – central application enables central management as well as central audit for the whole system. Data generated at all levels are stored in the central system. Wide range of configuration parameters provides flexibility in every day operations – the system is fully under your control. Applied changes are automatically distributed to lower levels in real-time.

PLAZA – plaza application provides support for all processes which take place at the toll plaza - e.g. cash management, point-of-sale, incident management, lane management etc.

LANE – lane application supports different types of toll collection – e.g. manual, semi-automatic or automatic. Support for different methods of payment – cash, cards, contactless smart card, RFID, DSRC tags is available. Customized GUI provides toll collectors with all necessary information during the toll collection process.

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Total Control

  • Real time transaction processing – each transaction is visible immediately after processing at all operating levels
  • Complete coverage of each phase of the transaction - all events which are part of the transactions are stored in the tamper proof database for audit purpose (e.g. entry lane, exit lane, license plate, payment details, toll collector activities...)
  • Absolute control over all cash-flow transactions - misusage disabled

Data Security

  • Always at your service - instant availability secured through autonomy at the toll lane and plaza level
  • Offline working mode - regardless of the status of the communication with the rest of the system, your toll collection system will be completely functional and it will never lose any transaction or data
  • Immune to the first error - automatic recovery after breaks in communication - no lost financial transactions

Unlimited Flexibility

  • User defined business logic - all business processes are defined at the central point in the system - enables fast and efficient implementation of all user defined changes throughout the system
  • Service oriented architecture (SOA) supported - business logic in isolated modules
  • Hardware and software platform independent – Linux, Windows, UNIX, mainframe host supported
  • Database of your choice - Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL Server, IBM DB2 supported. Simple adjustment to any other database
  • Modular concept - no limits for system upgrades
  • Intrinsically open system