Telegra’s portfolio includes hardware and software products build specifically for Intelligent Transport Systems:

topXviewTM Traffic Management Software is a unified software platform for management of ITS and business processes on highway, tunnels and cities that enables most ergonomic implementation of modern traffic, process and situation management concepts (integrated corridor management, state wide platforms, agency wide platforms, etc.).

Waterproof and sandproof, sleek and elegant NextGen™ Dynamic Message Signs that consume up to 50% less energy and require up to 75% less maintenance than classic Variable Message Signs are produced in different sizes and several pixel pitches.

X-AID™ Video Automatic Incident Detection system gets maximum from available video feeds (detect incidents, count and classify vehicles) with 70% less false alarms than others, on any camera model or type of signal, not affected by bad weather conditions, luminance variations or camera vibrations.

TollWay™ anti-fraud Tolling System is designed for open and closed tolling systems, fast Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) and free flow systems. Independent on hardware, with robust software components and protocols being used, TollWay™ is made to repress leaking and allow easy setup and parametrization of the system to user itself.  

ScanWay™ Automatic Vehicle Classifier with its 100% accuracy for counting and 99.7 % for classification based on the advanced pattern recognition algorithm which matches vehicle side profile with reference vehicle side profiles increases fraud detection rate of tolling system, thus providing more revenue.

Number of other products, such as Weather Stations and Roadside Controllers are available as well, for more info please contact.