Company Overview

Telegra is one of the leading ITS/ATMS integrators in the world, focused exclusively on smart traffic management systems. It is “all-in-one” ITS company that provides own ITS software, ITS hardware, and integration services.

Quick Facts

  • All-In-One ITS/ATMS Company
  • 25 Years in Business
  • Over 35 Countries on 5 Continents
  • Over 3,100 miles of highways
  • Over 120 miles of tunnels
  • Over 100 traffic control centers
  • Nation-Wide ATMS
  • Tunnel ATMS/SCADA
  • City-Wide ATMS
  • Highways, Expressways, Bridges ATMS
  • Integrated Corridor Management and Decision Support Systems
  • Tolling Systems
  • Dynamic Message Signs
  • Custom-Made ITS/ATMS Products
  • Worldwide 24/7/365 Support

We make great efforts to ensure that our current line of product is “future ready” and compatible with ITS solutions of tomorrow, such as connected vehicles, automated decision support systems, integrated corridor management systems, region- and nationwide hierarchical traffic management systems, etc.

This focus on continuous innovation is a part of our corporate culture, and is one of our core values. This culture, along with more than two decades of experience and direct contact with our clients (consultants, ITS designers, supervisors and operators), resulted in development of numerous improvements and innovative solutions.